April 2018

Academy 4 Kids Monthly Newsletter

Summer Camp:  If your child is currently in the 1st-5th grades our Summer Camp is now open to currently enrolled children.  Packets are available in the front office. In order to reserve a spot before we open spaces up to non-enrolled families we must have your packet completed and returned to us by April 25, 2018.  We will be opening up our camp to non-enrolled children on April 26, 2018.

Immunizations:  As of now our school is considered 99% immunized.  We will be mandating that all children receive all required immunizations no later than December 31, 2018.  After that we will no longer allow children to be enrolled with any exclusions to immunizations. If you have any questions feel free to ask.   

Car Seat Law:  Governor Kate Brown signed into law a new mandate that kids age two and under must stay in rear-facing car seats. That requirement previously ended when children turn one year old.  Oregon is now the sixth state to mandate rear-facing seats for kids two and under, with a max fine of $250.

Sign In/Out:  It is required by the State that you sign your children in and out each day.  Please be sure you are taking the time to do this. Thank you so much!

Muffins with Mom:  May 11 will be our Mom’s day event here at school.  All mom’s, grandmas, aunties, special ladies in your child’s life are welcome to come spend some special time with your kiddos.  The children have started preparing for this event already. It is always a fun afternoon! Hope many of you can make it.

Classroom News

Infants: We have been very busy in our classroom and can’t believe April is already upon us. This month we will be working on lions, minions, Winnie the Pooh/ Piglet, and rain clouds. We are hoping warmer weather is right around the corner. Please check your child’s extra clothes as the seasons are beginning to change. Happy 1st birthday to Adira! We have loved watching you grow and develop.

Toddlers: Let’s spring right into April! We have lots of fun Easter art projects planned. We’re also going to learn about Earth day and recycling. We’ll be focusing on the color orange, the pentagon, the number 8, and letters Q and R. Qw can’t wait to start your Mothers Day presents too!:)

Mini-Preschool: For the month of April Mini Pre will be focusing on weather and keeping a positive attitude! The sun is peeking through the clouds more and more every day and my hopes are for it to bring smiles to all of our littles faces. Weather can be just as confusing as it is interesting! We will be having a lot more science introduced to our kiddos as well as hands on experiences with Earth textures to help them grasp what goes on around them.  

Preschool: We’re hoppin’ into April! This month in preschool we will be learning all about Spring. Everything from weather to working on our gardening skills. We will be focusing on letter Q and R. We will be doing a review of all the letters at the end of the month. We will also be practicing counting to 14 and 15. We are hoping for lots of sunshine so we can get outside as much as possible!

Pre-Kindergarten: In the month of April we will continue to celebrate Spring.  We will have fun with Earth Day which is April 22nd. Our letters of the month will be W, X, and Y with a review week at the end of the month. Our numbers will be 19 and 20. We will continue to practice writing our names. We still need extra clothes for some, I will let you know by putting a note on your child’s sign in page. Please fill up our family pictures board. The kids love looking at their families!

Kindergarten: April is full of fun in Kindergarten! We will be planting our seeds and learning how to help them grow. We will also be celebrating Earth Day and learning how to take care of our planet. We are ready for an exciting month!

School Age: Happy April! We hope you guys had a great March and a great Spring Break! The kids that spent spring break with us did tons of art projects and a lot more including some fun versus dress up days! We hope to get Summer packets out to you guys soon. Summer will be filled with science experiments, games, parks, field trips and much more! We have one non school day in April so let us know on your calendars if you will be joining us! Hope you have a great April!!



Posted on April 6, 2018 .