October 2018

Academy 4 Kids Monthly Newsletter

Rate Increase:  Just a reminder that our annual rate increase will take effect with January 2019 billings.  The new rates have not been determined yet, but as soon as they are we will pass them on to you.  We wanted to remind you now so you could start planning on things being a bit more, like they are every year.  

School Age Summer Changes coming:  A few things that will be changing for summer 2019 for our public school age children:

  • There will be a fee (Hold Fee) charged to all families that drop for the summer but will be back in September.  The fee will be determined soon. The reason for this new policy is that during our summer months over the last several summers we hold spots for more and more children and cannot accept new children due to spaces being held.  We had so many families tell us they were coming back that didn’t actually come back, that it ended up with us not being able to offer spaces to families needing care. Starting this year if you want a space held for your child to return to us you will need to pay a “Hold Fee.”  This will allow us to accommodate more families that need our care in the summer months and also know what families are returning or not so we can open up more spaces in the fall. Our entire community is seeing a need for more school age spaces being available and this is aimed to help even more families get the quality care they are looking for and eliminate being put on a wait list and not knowing if they will have care with us or not when school begins.

  • For our summer program our rate structure will also be changing.  We will no longer offer weekly rates only. We will have monthly rates based on how many days per week your child will attend just like we do all year.  We will offer between 3-5 day per week rates like we do now for all families. There will be additional fees charged for field trips. You will have to commit to the same days each week, just like we do throughout the year now.  Our goal is to give you more flexibility and to make our charges consistent with the way we do things the rest of the year. The program will still be filled with tons of activities and fun field trips as always.

We recognize that these changes may be difficult to assimilate to, that is why we are putting the information out to you now so planning can start being done.  Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Halloween:  On Wednesday, October 31 we will have our annual munchkin parade.  This is when the entire school goes on a walk to Princeton Village to trick-o-treat the Grandmas and Grandpas.  All children and staff are encouraged to wear costumes this day and have a ton of fun! Please do not allow your child to wear a mask of any kind or to bring a weapon of any kind, even if it “goes with” their costume.  Check with your child’s teacher for specific questions about this day as each room will have their own schedule. Each classroom will have a sheet posted outside thier door if you would like to sign up to bring treats for that day as well.  

School Age Pumpkin Patch:  On Thursday, October 11th we will be taking the 1st-5th graders to the pumpkin patch.  Permission slips are out. Please be sure to return money and permission slips by October 4th if you would like your child to attend.  

Scratch Paper:  f you have any scratch paper that you want to donate for children to use to color on we would love it!

Picture Day:  October 24 will be our yearly picture day.  We are using the same photographer as last year.  Flyers will given to you the day of pictures showing you how to order them if you decide to.  School Age children are not here for this, so they will not have their picture taken here since they get theirs done at public school.  

Classroom News

Infants: The school year is off to a very busy start.  We are all adjusting nicely and happy to have new friends in our class.  This month we will be busy creating spooky art projects in preparation for Halloween.  Witches, ghost, black cats and Frankenstein feet are just some of the projects we will be working on.  As the weather is changing please check to see if your child has adequate clothing here at school or if it needs to be traded for a bigger size.  We will be having our annual “munchkin parade” on October 31 to visit grandmas and grandpas at Princeton Village. You are more than welcome to send your child's costume to school with them in a bag labeled with their name.  We will get them dressed right before we leave. If you have a stroller we could borrow please talk to Ann or Nataly. All parents are welcome to join us for this fun day. Happy first birthday to Ellie and Messiah. We have loved watching you grow and develop.  

Toddlers: It’s Fall and about to be spooky outside.  We have tons of fall and Halloween art projects planned.  Don’t forget to wear your costume on Halloween. We will be trick-o-treating to Princeton Village that morning.  We can’t wait for all the fun!

Mini-Preschool:  Mini-Pre kiddos are inviting the fall season to class with all their ghosts, goblins, and goons.  We will be doing lots of dressing up and using our imagination. We will be incorporating all kinds of fall colors and halloween fun into our learning this month.  

Preschool: BOO!  October is finally here.  This is Ms. Ariana’s favorite month for the year.  We have lots of spooky and fun crafts planned. We will be learning about the letters C and D as well as reviewing numbers 1-5.  To top it all off we will get the chance to show off our fancy halloween costumes at the end of the month with our traditional munchkin parade.  

Pre-Kindergarten: Our letters for the month are C, D, E and F.  Our numbers are 4,5,6,7. We will be reviewing letters A, B and C and numbers 1,2,3,4.  We are doing lots of fall, halloween and Columbus Day projects and practicing spelling our names.  Dianna will be retiring at the end of this month and Lilly will be taking over her class. There will be more information to follow regarding a retirement gathering for Dianna.  

Kindergarten: This school year has been off to a great start.  We are learning a lot already and having so much fun.  In October we will be learning about shapes, colors, and patterns.  We will also be learning about our bodies and continuing to practice addition, sight words,and letters.  We can’t wait to celebrate Halloween and do some spooky science and art. We wish everyone a great month.  

School Age:  There are 3 non-public school days this month.  October 11, 12 and 31. PLEASE be sure to get your calendars back and filled out so we can staff accordingly on those days.  We will be going to the pumpkin patch on October 11. Please return permission slips and $7 by October 4 if you want your child to participate.  The permission slips were put on your sign out pages on Monday, October 1. On the 31st we are excited to have the children here so they can participate in our munchkin parade down to Princeton Village to trick-o-treat all the grandmas and grandpas.  As far as costumes go, please no weapons of any kind and no masks. If your child has face paint for their costume it can be done before arriving here as we are not putting it on here. We are looking forward to a fun month doing fall projects and enjoying the season!  


Posted on October 3, 2018 .