October 2017 Newsletter

Academy 4 Kids

Munchkin Parade:  On Tuesday, October 31 the whole school participates in the “Munchkin Parade”.  We ALL leave here about 9:00 to walk down to Princeton Village and see the Grandmas and Grandpas for Trick-or-Treating time.  Yes, even the babies get to go on this adventure!  (weather providing for the littlest ones) so if you have a stroller we could borrow for that morning we would greatly appreciate it.  Please put your name somewhere on the stroller so we know who to return it to at the end of the day.

Picture Days:  We will be having our Picture Days on October 19 and 20 this year.  More information to come as to what classes and what days, and costs.  

Farmers Market:  We will be having our annual farmers market on October 19 and 20.  If you would like to bring something in to sell at the market Dianna will have a sign up sheet outside her door next week of items to bring.  The children are allowed to bring .25 to shop at the market.  All the money collected will go to purchasing food for people in our community.  

Yelp:  We would like to offer $25 off your tuition for the month of November if you would write a positive review for us on Yelp.  We are currently struggling with some false, even fictional reviews and have been told the only way to counteract some of the negativity is to add some good reviews.  We are a very professional, well run school and have worked hard to maintain a good reputation in the area.  Obviously, not everyone is going to be satisfied with everything we do and we do understand and when faced with concerns we act as quickly as possible to rectify any wrongdoings or misunderstandings.  The problem we are having with Yelp in general is that people can say whatever they want and we don’t really have a way of defending ourselves.  Sometimes we do have employees who do not meet our standards and we have to end our relationship with them.  If they are disgruntled they can say derogatory things and ask their friends to do the same.  These things are totally without merit and it hurts our name in the community based on falsehoods.  It has become an unfortunate part of doing business in this world that bases so many things on social media.  We appreciate those of you that take the time to say something nice about us.  It goes a LONG way!  Just let Terri know when you do it so she can take the $25 off your tuition.  THANKS in advance!

Classroom News

Infants: Our school year is off to a fantastic start.  We will be very busy during the month of October making ghosts, Frankenstein footprints, spiders and cats.  We will have our “Munchkin Parade” to visit the Grandmas and Grandpas at Princeton Village on Tuesday, October 31.  Please put your child’s costume in a bag labeled with their name and we will put them in their costume right before we leave.

Toddlers: Yay for fall! Halloween is almost here! This month we’re focusing on all things fall and Halloween related! Don’t forget to bring your costume on Halloween so we can trick or treat!☺

Mini-Preschool: Holy Batmans, ghosts, pumpkins, and princesses October is going to be a spooky month here in Mini-Preschool. We will be focusing on our five senses, feeling, and Halloween. We will be learning our letters D-G, and numbers 3-5. We will have a Halloween Party on October 31st. We will be putting a party sign-up sheet soon.

Preschool: Happy Fall Preschool and hello October.  This month Preschool will be discussing the letter C and D, the numbers 3 and 4 as well as different shapes and colors.  We will also be discussing all things Fall.  This includes lots of fun Fall arts and crafts.  Reminder...please make sure to bring jackets for those chilly mornings when we go outside.  

Pre-Kindergarten: We are going to have a great month! We will be celebrating fall, Columbus Day, and Halloween. We are still putting family pictures on our family tree. I still need a change of clothes for some. I will be putting a note in your child’s cubby as a reminder. Our letters for October will be Dd, Ee, and Ff followed up by a review week. Our numbers will be 5,6, and 7! We will have sign ups for our Halloween Party and Farmers Market!

Kindergarten: The school year is off to a great start! In private kindergarten we are learning new letters, numbers, and sight words every week. This month we will be talking about the human body, the 5 senses, and more. We have a lot of fall fun planned. We enjoy having the public school kindergartners join us in the afternoons and hearing all about their days at school. Please bring a picture of your family to hang on the wall for the year. We want your family to be a part of our classroom. Thank you! Have a wonderful October.

School Age: Happy October! We hope you guys had a great first month of school. We have a lot of fall activities planned for the kids! On Halloween feel free to have your child bring their costume because we will be having a party here when they get back from school.There will be a sign-up sheet in the next couple of weeks in the School Age room. Don’t forget to turn in your calendars. Have a great month!

Posted on October 5, 2017 .