January 2018 Newsletter

Academy 4 Kids

New Rates/New Public School items:  Our new rates are now in effect.  Children that attend public school will continue to do monthly calendars so we know when your child will attend our school. The change taking place is how we handle all the non-school days.  As always, all public school children that sign up for a non-school day and come as scheduled will be charged $30.  Effective January 1, 2018,  if you sign your child up for a non-school day and they do not attend you will be charged $10.  If you don’t sign your child up and attend you will be charged $40 providing you have checked with us to make sure we have room for them.  We put this information out to everyone on November 20, 2017 and hope we have made it very clear to everyone by now, but if not, please don’t hesitate to speak with us.  The reason behind this change is that we have had so many issues with knowing how many kiddos we have on those non-school days.  It is so important that we are staffed correctly and that we have everything we need to provide the best quality care we can for your children when they are with us for full days.  We appreciate your understanding and support of this change.  Please keep getting those calendars back to us in a timely manner each month.  

2017 Tax Information:  If you would like a receipt showing what you paid for 2017 please let us know.  We do NOT put them out unless requested.  

Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease:   We had some children develop this back in November and we have had a couple cases recently so we thought it was important to just remind everyone what it is and what our policy is in regards to children that have it.  Symptoms of hand-foot-and-mouth disease are small blisters in the throat and mouth that break to leave a sore. It can be hard for caregivers to see these blisters or sores in young children; symptoms may include not wanting to eat or drink or excessive drooling because swallowing is painful.  Other symptoms include a rash of small red blisters or spots on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Some children also develop a rash on their trunk, legs and buttocks.  You might also notice that your child is lethargic, irritable and sleeps more than usual.  Fever and muscle aches can accompany moderate to severe cases of hand-foot-and-mouth disease.  Hand-foot-and-mouth disease is contagious and can easily spread throughout day care centers.  It’s common among children because of how frequently small children put their hands in their mouth, and also due to repeated diaper changes and potty training. Typically, children can infect other children for a while after their symptoms disappear.  Usually the symptoms of hand-foot-and-mouth disease clear up on their own within 7 to 10 days. Parents may want to give children over-the-counter pain medication such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen to lessen their throat and mouth pain as well as any muscle aches. Your doctor can advise you on the correct dosage for your child.  Your child cannot be in our care with a fever of any kind or any open sores that are not covered by their diaper area.  Feel free to speak with us if you still have questions.  

Classroom News

Infants: We hope you had a wonderful holiday with friends and family. January will be a busy month as we will be doing fun projects related to the new year and winter. We would like to welcome Ellie to our class! Please check with us to see if your child has extra clothes or needs a bigger size.

Toddlers: Happy New Year!  We hope you all had a fun celebrating!  This month is filled with fun and exciting art projects and activities.  We will be focusing on the color white, the number 5, letter K and L and circle.

Mini-Preschool:  Happy 2018!  We are sliding right into winter and we can’t wait to do all our fun winter themed projects.  We hope your Christmas and new year celebrations were filled with good times together.  

Preschool:  Happy New Year Preschool families.  With the holiday season ending we will be focusing on welcoming the new year by learning about all things winter.  We will be talking about clothes, winter activities and what animals enjoy this cold weather.  We will also be learning two new letters.  I and J and the number 8 and 9.  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  We are off to another great year in Preschool!

Pre-Kindergarten: Happy New Year! Thank you for helping us to help others during the holidays. We were able to purchase $60 worth of toys! We will celebrate New Years and Martin Luther King Jr Day. We will continue on reaching our goal of numbers 1-20. Our letters for January will be Mm, Nn, and Oo.

Kindergarten: Happy New Year! This month we will be talking about 3D shapes, subtraction, and more. We have many winter activities planned that will be snow much fun!

School Age: Happy New Year! We hope that you had a great holiday! Thank you to everyone that brought treats to our party, we had a blast. Another big thank you to everyone who participated in the winter performance, it went great! There are a few non-school days in January, we have some winter activities planned. Please remember to bring your calendars back filled out. Have a great start to 2018!

Posted on January 4, 2018 .