April 2019

Plastic Shopping Bags:  We are in need of bags again.  If you have any you could donate we would greatly appreciate it.  We use them for so many things!

Breakfast:  We do not provide breakfast.  If you child needs to eat breakfast at our school they are welcome to bring what they eat and we will allow them to eat it here.  We stop allowing breakfast to be eaten at 7:40am. We are not able to add milk, microwave or prepare anything for your child. We just provide the space for them to eat.  Morning snack is served between 9-9:15 am daily.

Easter Party Day:  Friday, April 19th each class will have their own Easter Party.  You will find a sign up sheet next to your child’s classroom door soon if you would like to bring something in for the party please feel free to sign up.  We will also do Easter Egg Hunts!

Accounting Charges:  It has always been Academy 4 Kids policy to charge $25 for any additional documents asked for beyond the receipts you receive for payments.  This charge has not been used very often, however, due to the increasing documentation we are being asked to fill out and provide to accountants we will be applying the fee of $25 for anything over just a receipt showing total paid for the year.  We will give you a receipt showing the total you paid along with our EIN number UPON REQUEST ONLY. We will not do it automatically.

SIGN IN/OUT:  Please be sure you are signing your child in and out each day.  This is a state requirement.

Classroom News

Infants: Happy Spring everyone!  We are hoping the warm weather comes to stay soon.  We will be working on weather related art as well as several Easter art projects.  Please check with Ann or Nataly to see if your child has adequate extra changes of clothes here at school.  Happy 1st birthday to Logan. We love watching you grow and develop.

Toddlers: We have lots of fun earth day projects planned this month.  We will also be doing spring and Easter related projects. Please bring your child a water bottle to keep here at school.  With the weather changing the kids are wanting more water. We will be asking for extra clothes that will be more suitable when spring and summer weather finally arrive along with sunscreen.  

Mini-Preschool: For the month of April we’re going to be carrying our weather change over, as well as having lots of science and experiments to help us understand all about spring.  Also, our favorite fuzzy animals, bunnies and baby chicks will be making an appearance. Always keep our classroom rules in mind each month. A few important ones are to be kind to everyone, inviting to new friends and helping each other out.  We will also celebrate Earth Day!

Preschool: We are hopping into April!  We will be learning about the letters Nn and Oo.  We will also be focusing on many different ways of recognizing and writing our names.  There are lots of fun springtime art projects planned to help make our classroom colorful.  When the sun is shining we will get to explore with lots of fun outdoor toys and games. Happy Spring.

Pre-Kindergarten: This month we will be learning about weather and all types of storms.  We will also learn all about the seasons and how they are different. The last few weeks of this month we will begin our unit about plants.  We’ll learn how they grow, all the parts of a flower and then we will get to plant a plant of our own. The letters are T, U, V and reviewing numbers 1-20.

Kindergarten: This month we will be learning about plants and even planting our own flowers.  We will also be celebrating the earth and all living creatures on it. Happy Spring!

School Age:  There is a non-public school day on the 8th of April that we are excited about.  We continue to do our daily homework time, free play activities and enjoy getting to play outside when the weather cooperates.  We had a blast over spring break! It was fun being with our friends doing fun activities!


Posted on April 5, 2019 .