May 2017 Newsletter

Academy 4 Kids

Mother’s Day Celebration:  We would like to invite all the mom’s, grandmas, aunties, special ladies in your child’s life to join us on Friday, May 12 at 4:00pm for some special time with your kiddos. We will have juice and cookies and each class will have a little something to share with you!

Breakfast:  Many of you bring breakfast for your child to eat here and that is perfectly fine, however, we do stop serving breakfast at 7:40am so if you need your child to eat with us, please be sure to be here in order for them to be done by 7:40am.   

New Registration Packets:  Over the course of the next several months we need to get a new registration packet filled out for each child enrolled in our school.  The information on all the packets is still the same but the layout is slightly different.  We appreciate you taking the time to fill them out and return them as promptly as possible.

Summer Camp:  Summer Camp information is out for all children that are in 1st-6th grades.  See Maddie or Terri with any questions.  

Kindergarten summer planning:  If you child is currently in Kindergarten they will remain in our Kindy program through the summer months as well.  Kindergarten will have fun activities planned for summer.  We are looking forward to having them with us for those full fun days of sunshine and freedom!

Terri out of office:  Terri will be out of the office starting May 18.  Hoping to return within 2 weeks, but in that time please call the school directly instead of emailing with any questions or to let us know if your child will not be at school.  Generally she is the only one checking emails on a regular basis and we don’t want to miss anything important.  The school phone is:  503-558-8773. THANKS!!

Classroom News


We are all very excited to see warmer weather returning. Our focus this month will be all things Spring and we will be making an extra special project for Mother’s Day.  Please let us know by 9:00 if your child is going to be late or not coming in as we staff according to how many kids are here on a daily basis.


This month we will be working on Mother’s Day presents, Cinco de Mayo crafts and learning about transportation.  Our shape for this month is an Oval.  Our number is 9, and our color is blue.  We will also be focusing on the letters “S” and “T” this month.


This month in Mini-Preschool, we will be focusing on the letters Hh-Kk, reviewing numbers 1-20, and the colors are green, blue, yellow and orange. Our themes this month will include Mother’s Day, community helpers, self care, and fairytales.  Summer is approaching fast, now is a good time to make sure your child has a new full change of clothes in their cubby (that will be weather appropriate).  Also please start thinking about bringing in sunscreen for your child for the many sunny days hopefully in our future. Have a great month of May!   


Hello May and hello sunshine hopefully.  For the month of May Preschool would like to welcome our new friends who will be joining us this month, we are glad to have you with us!  We will be discussing the letters Q, R, and S.  Numbers are 17, 18, and 19.  We will also be celebrating Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day with cool arts and crafts. This month we will also be talking about all things transportation!  So let’s make this month the best month it can possibly be!


In May we will finish up our ABC’s with Ww, Xx, Yy, and Zz.  We will also be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with music and food from Mexico!  We will continue our work on numbers and our names. As a reminder we will begin to have warmer weather hopefully starting please provide a weather appropriate set of clothes and sunscreen for when the sun decides to let us play outside!  Thank you and have a fantastic month!!


This month we will be learning about money, insects, weather, 3D shapes and much, much more!  We can’t wait to celebrate our Moms and continue our spring activities.  Hope everyone has a wonderful May!

School Age:

We can’t believe it is May!  With summer right around the corner we want to remind you to think about what you are going to be doing during that time.  If you choose to go with us and we hope you do...we need the permission slip and the fee paid so we can hold your child a spot!  We have a lot of fun spring art activities and games planned and with the weather getting nicer and nicer we plan on spending a lot of time outside.  Also please think about bringing some new sunscreen for your child with his/her name on it.  We will be having Mother’s day tea on Friday May 12th at 4:00!  We hope you have a fantastic May and Mother’s day!!





Posted on May 5, 2017 .