May 2019

Memories with Mom’s:  We would like to invite all the Mom’s and special ladies in our lives to join us for a little time Making Memories with us!  We will have juice and cookies and each class will be doing something for our Moms! May 10th at 3:30pm! We hope you can join us!

High Chair:  Infants is in need of a high chair.  Thought we would check with our parents to see if anyone had one out there they are no longer needing that we could have for our babies.  Thanks as always!

NUT FREE SCHOOL:  Please remember not to send your child with any kind of nut to our school.  This includes granola bars with peanut butter. We realize this may be an inconvenience, but we do have some kiddos with severe allergies to nuts and we want to keep ALL children safe!  We have been a nut-free school for many years now and appreciate your support in this!

Breakfast Info:  We do not provide breakfast.  If you choose to send your child with food in the morning that is fine, but it cannot be something we have to prepare (microwave, oven, etc)  It has to be something they can eat on their own. We don’t allow them to eat breakfast after 7:40am. Morning snack is served for all kiddos at 9:15 am.  

No Public School on May 8:  Along with the scheduled non-public school day on May 10, North Clackamas School District has added May 8 as a non-public school day as well.  We will be here and happy to take your kiddos. PLEASE let us know if your child will be with us or not on that extra day so we can staff correctly.  If you could please mark your calendars accordingly that would be HELPFUL!

MEMORIAL DAY:  We will be CLOSED on Monday, May 27th for Memorial Day.  

Door Codes:  PLEASE do not allow your child to know your door code.  This is a safety issue. We want to make sure that we continue to be a safe and secure school.  If you think your code has been compromised please let Terri know so it can be changed immediately.  

Accounting Charges:  It has always been Academy 4 Kids policy to charge $25 for any additional documents asked for beyond the receipts you receive for payments.  This charge has not been used very often, however, due to the increasing documentation we are being asked to fill out and provide to accountants we will be applying the fee of $25 for anything over just a receipt showing total paid for the year.  We will give you a receipt showing the total you paid along with our EIN number UPON REQUEST ONLY. We will not do it automatically.

SIGN IN/OUT:  Please be sure you are signing your child in and out each day.  This is a state requirement.

Classroom News

Infants: All the trees and flowers are in bloom and we are hoping the sunny weather will continue. This month our art projects will be focusing on Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day and Spring. We want to wish all our mom's a very Happy Mother’s Day.  We will celebrate your special day on Friday, May 10th. We hope you can join us. Sloane will be celebrating her first birthday this month. We have enjoyed watching her grow and develop.  

Toddlers: Wow!  We can’t believe it’s May already!  We’re working very hard on our Mother’s Day gifts for you!  We will also have some fun with Cinco de Mayo projects. We will be learning about transportation this month and all the ways we can travel.  We can’t wait to celebrate our Mom’s on the 10th. Please bring some warm weather extra clothes and sunscreen for your child if you haven't done so already

.Mini-Preschool:  May is going to be a fun month!  We have Cinco de Mayo projects to work on, a Mother’s Day event to prepare for as well as the other themes of food, travel and transportation.  We will work on the letter M for May and continue our talks about being good friends to one another.

Preschool: April showers bring May flowers!  May is here and we are ready for some sunshine!  This month in Preschool we will be learning about the letters Oo and Pp.  We will also be learning about some creepy crawly insect friends as well as lots of fun art projects.  Yay for Spring!

Pre-Kindergarten: Pre-Kindy Parents, I cannot believe this year has been flying by!  We finished learning our numbers 1-20 and are new reviewing. We are also almost done with the alphabet.  We are working on letter X, Y, Z. This month we will be learning all about bugs. We will be taking a whole week to learn about butterflies!  Also, we will be talking about transportation and of course, finishing our Mother’s Day gifts.

Kindergarten: This month we will be learning about bugs, space and more.  We will be doing a lot of review this month to make sure everyone is ready for elementary school.  Miss Stacy will be taking a trip to Disney World from the 23rd to the 31st so please let her know if you have any questions or concerns before then.  In her absence, we will continue to follow her curriculum and do all the things she lays out for us. We want her to enjoy her vacation with her Mom! Hoping everyone has a happy May.  

School Age:   The School Age class is working hard to learn and understand the word “accountable” this month.  The ability to talk about their own actions in situations is starting to help them problem solve more effectively.  They are working on their Mother’s gifts and preparing for a fun “Memories with Mom’s Day”. Summer information will be out soon!  


Posted on May 9, 2019 .