July 2018

Academy 4 Kids Monthly Newsletter

Kitchen/Lunches:  We only have one microwave here at Academy 4 Kids.  It is not possible for us to heat/cook anything additional for any children that choose to bring their own lunch.  Please do not send in things that need to be microwaved for your child to eat. Our lunch menu is always posted in the front office so you know what we are serving each day.  There are also copies if you want to take one home.

Breakfast:  If you choose to bring food for your child to eat here, that is fine, however, they must be done eating by 7:40am.  Our morning snack is served at 9:15am.  

4th of July:  We will be closed on Wednesday, July 4.  Please let us know if your child will be out any other days this week for staffing purposes.  Thanks so much!

School Age/Summer Camp Kids:  PLEASE be sure to turn in your calendars!  We are still waiting for a few to come back for July.  THANKS!

Pre Kindy/Kindy:  Each Friday, the Pre Kindy and Kindy classes are going to the park across the street for a picnic lunch and play time.  Please be sure to send in a sack lunch every Friday and allow them to bring a swimsuit and towel so they can play in the water feature.  Please make sure we have sunscreen for your child also. Appropriate shoes are a must also.

Reminder:  Remember our August closure days:  Thursday, August 30, Friday, August 31 we are closed to students.  Staff report to work these days to get ready for the new school year.  We are also closed on Monday, September 3 for Labor Day. We look forward to seeing everyone back on Tuesday, September 4.  

Accounting Charges:  It has always been Academy 4 Kids policy to charge $25 for any additional documents asked for beyond the receipts you receive for payments.  This charge has not be used very often, however, this was the first year that we had many, many, many families that needed us to fill out child care expense forms and provide statements to their accountants.  From here on out, the $25 charge will be applied for anything you need beyond a normal receipt.

Classroom News

Infants: During the month of July we will be working on fun art focusing on the 4th of July and summer time. Please make sure you are continuing to update your child’s schedule, We want to make sure that we are meeting their needs as well as yours. Also please check with us to make sure your child has adequate extra clothes here at school. If you are going on vacation please let us know as we staff according to how many kids are here for the day!

Toddlers: We can’t believe it’s already July! This month we will be doing a lot of Fourth of July art projects. We’re also going to be learning about camping and fishing and we have some fun art projects to go along with those as well! We always have our calendar posted outside our classroom with all of the different activities that we’re doing. Also a reminder, please no sandals or flip flops of any kind. Please send the kids in socks and tennis shoes that are the appropriate size, we don’t want the kids hurting their toes and feet while outside and we also don’t want them to get splinters!

Mini-Preschool:  For the month of July, summer has just started so we will be talking and sharing about vacations we would go on, Some of the many things we will talk about will be camping, fishing, and all other fun places we will be going over the summer. 4th of July is right around the corner, we’ll have tons of artsy red white and blue activities going on!!

Preschool: This month has us seeing stars. The first week of our month will be focused the 4th of July, with lots of fun red, white, and blue art projects. We will spend the rest of our month focused on summer activities. The letters we will focus on are V and W. Our numbers are 16 and 17. Please be sure to let teachers know if you have  any vacations are planned.

Pre-Kindergarten: We will celebrate the 4th of July and summer birthdays along with having fun talking about and exploring the outdoors, camping and fishing. We will close out the month of July learning about dinosaurs! We will continue including letters, names, and numbers in fun special ways.

Kindergarten: We are having so much fun this summer!  This month we will be doing activities involving camping, fishing and vacations.  Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit, towel and and a lunch for picnics and water play on Fridays.  Thank you!

School Age: Happy July! We hope that you guys have a safe and fun Fourth! The kids had so much fun on the first field trip to the movies! This month we are going to the zoo and they can’t wait! Along with that we have tons of art projects and water activities planned! Also we ask that our campers wear closed toed shoes and no sandals of any kind. If you don’t want your to shoes to get wet, please  bring water shoes. If you have any questions feel free to ask Maddie! Have a great month!


Posted on July 3, 2018 .