June 2017 Newsletter

Academy 4 Kids

Donuts for Dads:  We would like to invite all the dads, grandpas, uncles, special men in your child’s life to join us on Friday, June 16th at 4:00pm for some special time with your kiddos.  We will have juice and donuts and each class will have a little something to share with you!

 New Registration Packets:  Over the course of the next several months we need to get a new registration packet filled out for each child enrolled in our school.  The information on all the packets is still the same but the layout is slightly different.  We appreciate you taking the time to fill them out and return them as promptly as possible.

 Premium Time:  Please remember that if your child is with us consistently over 9 hours per day there will be an additional 5% added to your invoice.  

 PreKindergarten:  Dianna is having a “Celebration of Learning” for her class on June 21.  Parents are more than welcome to come at 10am for the intimate ceremony she is putting together.  They are going to celebrate all that they have accomplished and talk about what they want to do when they grow up.  The class will then have a picnic lunch at the park across the street.  She will have a sign-up sheet outside her door if you would like to bring something for the picnic.  

 Summer Camp: Summer camp is starting soon and we can’t wait! We have a lot of fun activities planned. From giant board games, to water games, to tons of park time, and much much more. We want to remind you to provide a bathing suit/ change of clothes and a towel for water games. We will wash them weekly here or if they are used. Also if you haven’t yet please provide sunscreen. If you want to know if your child has some here feel free to ask Maddie.

 Kindergarten summer planning:  If you child is currently in Kindergarten they will remain in our Kindy program through the summer months as well.  Kindergarten will have fun activities planned for summer. Please provide a change of clothes/ swimsuit with a towel and we will put them in the laundry weekly or as needed. Also, please provide sunscreen for your child. If you are unsure if your child has sunscreen at school already please see Stacy or Connor. We are looking forward to having them with us for those full fun days of sunshine and freedom!

Classroom News


We are very busy and can’t believe the year is half over. This month we will be making a special project for our dads for Father’s Day. We also will be making ice cream cones and ducks to name a few of our many other activities. Please check with us to make sure your child has extra clothes at school. Also feel free to bring in cooler clothing as the seasons are changing.


Yay it’s summer! We’re excited to make Father’s Day presents and celebrate with you! We are going to learn about safety and summer activities. Our shape is the square, our number is 10, letters are U and V and the color is yellow.


We're starting the summer off with a kick! We will be doing lots of cool  summer projects that deal with food, summer fun, camping, water and sun safety! This month we will continue to review our ABC’s and 123’s along with our colors and shapes. Please bring in a cooler change of clothes for our warmer weather coming up and also sunscreen. Have a fantastic start to your summer and warmer weather!


June has arrived and preschool is ready to shine!! We would like to welcome our new friends who will be joining us this month, we are glad to have you with us! For the month of June we will be discussing the letters T and U and numbers 20 and 21. We will also be celebrating Father’s day and the first day of summer as well as summer safety and community helpers so let’s make this the best month ever!


This month in Pre-K we will finish up our alphabet with Yy and Zz and review all letters and sounds in some fun and different ways. Our number fun will include board games and counting projects. We will be celebrating Father’s Day. We will also be celebrating the arrival of summer. Sunscreen and a change of clothes will need to be provided if not already. Thank You!


Happy June everyone! We are excited to finish the school year strong and enjoy the summer! We can’t wait to have our public kindergarteners back for full days. We have a lot of fun activities planned and are hoping for tons of sunshine!

 School Age:

We can’t believe that it is June and the kiddos are almost out of school! We can’t wait to have the children here all summer and to start doing fun activities and spending lots of time at the park in the sunshine! Our first big field trip will be going to California Pizza Kitchen to have a tour and make our own pizzas for lunch! Once our summer camp starts we will need to have a lunch provided on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. We can’t wait to start our fun summer activities! If you’re not joining us for summer we hope you have a great one and we hope to see you in the fall when school starts up again!




Posted on June 6, 2017 .