September 2018

Academy 4 Kids Monthly Newsletter

Beatrice Morrow Cannady Elementary School:  The new school will be opening in the fall of 2019.  We have absolutely no details on anything yet, but if your child will be attending that school and is currently enrolled in our school we will have transportation to us in some way, shape, or form.  Please don’t worry...we will make it all work for you and the children.

Extra clothes:  Please be sure your child’s extra clothes are updated to current weather and correct clothing size clothes.  Please see your child’s teacher to ensure we have a good back up pair of clothes for your child.

Attendance:  Please be sure to call us and let us know when your child will be out for a day or if they are going to be late when they are scheduled to be here.  Also, please be sure to stick to the schedule you signed up for. If you need to make a change and we can accommodate it we are more than happy to do, but please check with us first.  

Meals/Snacks:  We supply lunch and a morning and afternoon snack for the children.  If you would like your child to eat something different you may supply it.  However, we are not able to microwave or make any additional meals so if you send something else for your child to eat it must be something they can just open and eat.  As far as snacks go, it is the same. The only other requirement is that we are a completely nut free facility, so please no nuts of any kind in anything you send in for your child to consume here at school.  We have the monthly lunch menus posted in the office. There are copies of the menu there too, so feel free to take one home.

Tuition Schedule:  For all current families enrolled in our Jump Ahead program (5 and a half hour days) we are phasing that option out by the end of this year.  You may continue through December on that program, but then in January of 2019 the only options will be our full day programs or our Early Learner option (8:30-noon).  Also, we will no longer offer our 2 day per week option for any age. That change will take place effective January 2019 as well for our current families. Any new family enrolling these changes are taking place immediately.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Classroom News

Infants: On behalf of myself and Nataly I want to welcome you back to a new and exciting school year. We are happy to have you and your child here with us at the Academy please feel free and talk to us if you have any questions or concerns at anytime. Our focus this month will be “back to school”. Please send in extra changes of clothes as the seasons are beginning to change. Also please check your child's daily sheet to make sure they have adequate supplies here at school.

Toddlers: Happy September! We have some new faces headed into the Toddler room and we can’t wait for them to start making new friends. Were going to miss our friends that are moving across the hall but know that we will see them often. This month we are going to learn about friendship and a few things about school. We will be learning about Octagons, the color grey, the number 1 and the letters A,B and C. Along with this we will be starting our fall art activities and other themed activities! We hope you have a great month!!

Mini-Preschool: Welcome back to school! September is here along with lots of old and new faces! Therefore we will be focussing on friendships in Mini Preschool; while reconnecting with old friends as well as welcoming some new friends to our classroom. We hope everyone will be making new friends and learning fun new things about each other. Our daily schedule is going to be filled with a little more school based curriculum and structure to help our littles understand what big school will be like! “Fall”-ing back into one of the best seasons please start collecting leaves and pinecones for some exciting fall projects! Welcome back to Mini-Preschool.

Preschool: Welcome to Preschool new preschoolers! We will start the school year by welcoming our new 3’s and saying see ya around to our 4’s moving up to Pre-K. To start off the school year we will be starting back at letter A and B. We will also be learning about the numbers 1 and 2. The first month is all about the kids and getting to know each other as a class. We will be doing a lot of All About Me projects and name games to get familiar! We will be winding down from summer and welcoming fall.

Pre-Kindergarten: Welcome to Pre-K! This month will be filled with fun projects to help us get to know each other. We will celebrate the arrival of fall with many fun books, art projects, nature walks and more! We will begin writing our names, our ABC’s and numbers in exciting and a variety of ways. Happy September!

Kindergarten: We hope everyone had a wonderful summer! In September we will be reviewing letters and numbers, as well as introducing sight words. We will also be talking about ourselves and what makes us unique and special. We can’t wait to see our after school kindergarteners as well and hear all about elementary school!! We are so excited for a great school year!

School Age: We cannot believe that summer is already over. This summer has been filled with so many art activities, learning new things about animals, going to the park and fun field trips! Although the summer is over we think that the kids are ready to head back to school and start their next year of learning! Even though school is starting we don’t plan on stopping decorating the window with fall themed art. There is a non-school day on the 24th and there will be tons of fun activities. We can’t wait to help your kiddos start of their new school year! Don’t forget to turn in your calendars and tll the office if you don’t plan on having your kiddo be with us for a day! Have a great September!!


Posted on September 12, 2018 .