June 2019

Donuts with Dads:  We would like to invite all the Dad’s and special men in our lives to join us for a donut and an afternoon celebrating you!  Please join us on June 14th at 3:30pm!

Sunscreen:  Please remember to provide us with NON AEROSOL sunscreen for your child, labeled with your child’s name.  If you don’t send in sunscreen we will assume you don’t want us to apply to your child.

Accounting Charges:  It has always been Academy 4 Kids policy to charge $25 for any additional documents asked for beyond the receipts you receive for payments.  This charge has not been used very often, however, due to the increasing documentation we are being asked to fill out and provide to accountants we will be applying the fee of $25 for anything over just a receipt showing total paid for the year.  We will give you a receipt showing the total you paid along with our EIN number UPON REQUEST ONLY. We will not do it automatically.

Academy 4 Kids Closure Days for the rest of 2019:

July 4, 2019

August 29, 2019

August 30, 2019

September 2, 2019

November 28, 2019

November 29, 2019

December 24, 2019

December 25,2019

December 26, 2019

Classroom News

Infants: We have been very busy in the Infant class and can't believe half of the year is already over.  We have several new kiddos walking and we love watching them continue to develop and grow. This month we will be working on Father’s Day projects for Dad, flowers and animal projects. Our Father's Day celebration will be Friday, June 14th at 3:30. We hope you can join us for that special afternoon. If your child will not be in care with us please call and let us know so we can staff accordingly.   

Toddlers: We are very excited to kick off summer in the Toddler room.  This month we will do lots of fun and new activities, such as water play and exploring our art skills.  As the weather continues to get warmer, please make sure your child has sunscreen that is not aerosol spray and weather appropriate extra clothes.  We’re looking forward to a fun and exciting summer.

Mini-Preschool:  June means summer is here!  Min Preschool themes for the month are summer, father’s and safety.  With that in mind, please remember to apply sunscreen on your children and make sure we have some here as well.  We are looking forward to having donuts with our Dad’s on the 14th. We will have lots of water play this summer as well so please also make sure we have an extra set of clothes.  

Preschool: This month in Preschool we are finishing up the alphabet.  We are also learning to write our names. We are excited for warmer weather and can’t wait to be outside more.  Please be sure we have sunscreen for your child and update any extra clothes here for the weather change.

Pre-Kindergarten: Pre-K has officially learned the alphabet!  For this month, we will be reviewing each letter, what sound it makes and words that start with that letter.  We will also learn about the ocean, animals and space. We will also be doing some fun summer activities and art!  

Kindergarten: We are finishing up Private Kindergarten with some review and reflection activities and then we can’t wait to have our public kindergarten friends back with us for the summer.  We will be spending time at the park across the street every Friday this summer. Please make sure your child has lotion sunscreen to keep at school as we are not allowed to have the aerosol kind.  

School Age:  Summer is almost here!  If your child will be in our care for summertime please be sure your child has sunscreen, water bottle, bathing suit and towel and a signed permission slip here.  The school year has been really good, but we are ready to have the kiddos here full time and ready to have a fun summer!


Posted on June 11, 2019 .