March 2018 Newsletter

Academy 4 Kids

Yearly Material Fee:  Just a reminder that you will see the yearly material/resource fee added to all invoices this month.  $50 per child. This price has remained the same for the past 3 years.

Spirit Week:  We are doing a different twist on dress up days this time.  Rival Days! Choose your favorite then dress accordingly!

Monday, March 26: Rivals Day:  Ducks vs Beavers

Tuesday, March 27: Rivals Day:  Batman vs Spiderman

Wednesday, March 28: Rivals Day:  Flannel vs Hoodie/Sweatshirt

Thursday, March 29: Rivals Day:  Crazy Colorful vs one color only

Friday, March 30: Blazer Day  (We are all united for the Blazers so no rival day here ;)

Spring Break for Public School Kids:  The children that attend public school will have their spring break the week of March 26-30.  If your child will be in our care any of those days please be sure to mark it correctly on their calendars so we can plan accordingly.  Maddie has some awesome things planned for them that week!

Nut Free School:  Please remember that we do not allow nuts of ANY kind into our building.  We have enough children with an allergy that it warrants us to be a completely nut free school.  If you have questions let us know. Thanks for helping us stay safe for all kiddos!

Extra Clothes:  With the seasons changing please be sure we have appropriate extra clothing here for your child “just in case”.  Please check with your child's teacher directly to make sure they have what they need for your child.

Classroom News

Infants: The month of March is upon us and we will be busy doing projects related to St. Patrick’s Day, Dr. Seuss's birthday and Easter.  Please welcome Mazi to our class. Please make sure your child has extra clothes at school. Happy Birthday to Theo and Maun who will celebrate their first birthday.  Miss Ann will also be celebrating her birthday at the end of the month.

Toddlers: In March we’re going to be learning about all the different seasons. While focusing on Spring. We are also going to focus on St. Patrick's day, don’t forget to wear green on the 17th! Our shape is rectangle, our color is green, the number of the month is 7 and we will learn about the letters O & P. We have a lot of fun art projects planned that we can’t wait to start!

Mini-Preschool: March is springing upon us!  Flowers are starting to bloom and the snow is melting and we see the sun starting to shine.  Our little ones will be learning all about weather change and how different plants grow in different seasons.  We also have new classroom goals to work together and practice our listening skills. Everyone will have a lot of hands on science experiments with planting, digging, and hopefully growing plants as a class.  We will enjoy watching our little friends and our plants grow this month.

Preschool: It’s March and we are feeling pretty lucky to be in preschool!  This month we will be focussing on the letters M, N and O. We will be working on lots of St. Patrick’s Day crafts as well as Earth Day activities.  Our focus will also be on recognizing and counting numbers 1-15. We can’t wait to see what this month has in store for us!

Pre-Kindergarten: We will be busy the month of march celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, St.Patrick's Day, the first day of Spring and Easter activities.  Our letter of the week for March will be Ss, Tt, and Uu.

Kindergarten: This month we will be talking about St. Patrick’s day, rainbows, colors, and Spring! We will also start learning about fractions and continue practicing letter sounds and sight words. Public kindergarten families we have non-school days on the 16th and the 26th through the 30th for spring break. Please let us know if your child will or will not be here by marking it on your March calendar. We hope everyone has a great month!

School Age: Happy March! Thank you to everyone that brought Valentine’s day treats and cards the kids loved everything! This month we have a non-school day on the 16th and we will be doing some spring themed art and games. We also have spring break where we have a lot of fun science, art, games and outdoor activities planned. If you want to join us make sure that your child is marked here that week. Please remember to turn in your calendars! We hope you have a great month! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


Posted on March 7, 2018 .